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Make a Green Choice

Conserving water, energy and other resources is rewarding for you and great for the environment. Enjoy a $5 voucher at participating food and beverage outlets or 500 Starpoints® awarded at check-out for each night you decline housekeeping (except day of departure).
It feels good to conserve. Make A Green Choice.

To participate in the Make a Green Choice program at The Westin St. Francis, please tell us at check-in or look for the doorhanger in your guestroom.


One night can mean significant savings.

Save Water


Save  Electricity


Save Natural Gas


Save Chemicals

49.2 Gallons*


0.19 KWH*


25,000 btu*


7 oz*

49.2 gallons is 787 cups, enough for 1 person to drink 2 cups per day for a year.


That's enough to run an Energy Star-rated laptop for 10 hours.


Enough energy to heat a 400 square foot room at 70°F for 4 hours - when it's 10°F outside.


Fewer chemicals equals less toxicity in the environment. And that's good for everyone.

*All amounts estimated based on average guestroom size and materials usage.

The Westin St. Francis green program overview

The Westin St. Francis is committed to environmental responsibility and has implemented new green initiatives for guests and hotel staff. The goals of the program are to help preserve the environment and to support San Francisco’s environmentally-friendly business community. These initiatives range from guestroom energy management systems to public transportation incentives for employees.

Below are a sampling of environmental practices and programs that have implemented at The Westin St. Francis:

Westin S. Francis Initiatives

  • Low wattage LED and CFL light bulbs have replaced fluorescent bulbs throughout public space, meeting rooms and guest rooms.
  • A comprehensive recycling and composting program has been implemented hotel wide, including guest rooms, diverting over 75% of our waste from the landfill.
  • Engineering has a comprehensive preventive maintenance program in place.


  • Guests are offered information on bicycle rentals, walking maps and public transportation.
  • To encourage use of public transit, employees are able to purchase pre-tax commuter checks.
  • A designated bicycle rack has been installed for employees.

Guestroom Amenities

  • Energy efficient heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems with an occupancy motion sensor has been installed in all guestrooms.
  • The Westin St. Francis offers guests Make a Green Choice.
  • Low-flow faucets have been installed in all applicable locations, reducing water usage by 1.0 gpm and low-flow shower heads which will reduce water usage by 2.5 gpm.
  • Guests are encouraged to receive their folio digitally rather than a printed copy.
  • Hotel utilizes non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products. Personnel are trained in green housekeeping practices.
  • Guest room amenity bottles, soap and bathroom tissue are collected and donated.


The hotel provides “Westin Clutter Free meeting stations”, including pads, pens and filtered water in all meeting rooms on a complimentary basis.

As a part of our ongoing effort to conserve water, we will provide water stations for your meeting upon request.  Any other requests will incur a surcharge.

We thank you for helping us conserve this valuable resource.  In addition we offer:    

  • StarGroups; Reservation Connection; Reservation Cross Check; Online Floor Plans & Capacity Charts; eMenus.
  • Energy efficient digital signage and recyclable material for collateral has been implemented.    
  • Flip Charts containing 30% post-consumer recycled content are utilized.
  • Potted plant options are used in lieu of fresh cut flowers.
  • Banquet menus include locally sustainable choices in all meeting spaces.
  • Meetings Impact Reports can be provided upon request outlining diversion rate and carbon
    footprint reductions.
  • Electronic marketing and sales efforts are utilized when possible in an effort to reduce paper usage.

Food & Beverage

  • All meeting rooms come equipped with water stations, eliminating the use of bottled water and paper cups.
  • Our Culinary department follows the Watch Program of the Monterey Bay Aquarium from all menus. seafoodwatch.org.
  • Compostable boxed lunch containers, tableware, and cutlery are utilized.
  • Sustainable and local menus are available in all venues.
  • Hotel participates in the City of San Francisco’s cooking oil removal which converts to alternative fuel. 


  • Property disposes all electronic or hazardous waste through a qualified disposal service. This includes fluorescent, LED and CFL light bulbs, as well as refrigeration/kitchen and electronic equipment.
  • Hotel serves bottled water, on request, that is regionally sourced within 500 mile radius.
  • The hotel has completed modernization of 100% of its guest elevators and 98% of its service elevators. These high speed and energy efficient elevators have added to the enormous sustainability efforts of the hotel.
  • Raising Awareness Through Engagement: The hotel’s waste-diversion program engages all its employees, which promotes recycling and sustainability in their everyday responsibilities, and beyond workplace at home and in their community
  • Variable frequency drives are being installed on equipment throughout the hotel that will improve energy efficiency of our infrastructure.

The Westin St. Francis is supporting environmental sustainability with the following:

  • Energy and Water Conservations: The hotels recycling and waste-diversion program saves energy and resources by reducing the need for virgin materials, and fuel for manufacturing and processing. Additionally, the hotel‘s comprehensive compost diversion reduces impact on outdoor air-quality, by reducing the amount of methane generated by food in the landfill. 
  • Waste Minimization: In 2010 the hotel implemented a comprehensive recycling and waste-diversion program, which currently diverts more than 70% of its garbage from the landfill. The program captures and diverts paper, cardboard, bottles/cans, food-waste (compostables), kitchen oil/grease, e-waste, universal-waste, and wood pallets. The hotel is implementing additional protocols, such as collecting and donating partial bathroom amenities and TP, which will enable a goal of 85% diversion by 2012. 
  • Performance Tracking & Reporting: The hotel partners with an independent Waste Reduction consultant, who provides assistance with the waste-diversion program, and provides regular reports with qualified weights and volumes of diverted materials. 
  • Raising Awareness Through Engagement: The hotels waste-diversion program engages all its employees, which promotes recycling and sustainability in their everyday responsibilities, and beyond workplace at home and in their community.   

Conserve Resources During Your Stay At Our San Francisco Union Square Luxury Hotel

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*Ask us about options for a greener meeting.